Best Activities to Do in Versailles

Discover an array of captivating experiences with things to do in Versailles. Stroll through the stunning Gardens of Versailles and there are plenty of things to do in Versailles besides the Palace like exploring the intimate charm of Petit Trianon and delving into history at Musée Lambinet. Also, Indulge in local life at the vibrant Versailles Market, embark on forest hikes and savour dining in charming cafes. For a cultural touch, attend a performance at the Royal Opera. Consider day trips to nearby Giverny and immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Versailles' offerings beyond its iconic palace.

Versailles Palace
Visit the Palace of Versailles

One of the very first things to do in Versailles during your visit to Paris is to take a look at the Palace of Versailles, a Unesco World Heritage Site. The palace showcases the spectacular architecture and art of the 17th and 18th centuries and will fascinate you with beauty. Walk into the well-preserved palace and feel awe-struck looking into its opulence of gold, precious gems and crystals adorned in its apartments.

Gardens of Versailles
Explore Gardens of Versailles

The Versailles Gardens, also known as Jardins de Versailles, are well-known as the radiant accompaniment to the Palace of Versailles and taking a stroll in it is one of the popular activities to do in Versailles. Explore the series of charmingly landscaped gardens, tree-lined pathways and enchanting fountains in the 800 hectares of area. Feel mesmerized looking into the rare flowers, sculptures and lush greenery of this French garden of the bygone era, which has been preserved to date.

Grand Trianon Palace
Grand Trianon

During your trip to the place, one of the things to do in Versailles France is to visit the Grand Trianon, a small palace located on the same ground. This palace was constructed as per the instruction of King Louis XIV, for his entertainment and for wining and dining in private. The place is surrounded by a thick enclosure of forests along with a private park to keep the palace secluded from the outside world. You can take a walk around this Baroque-style château which is now used as the French Republic presidential residence for providing accommodation to foreign officials.

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The Royal Opera House Versailles
Royal Opera of Versailles

While exploring the palace, one of the things to do in Versailles is to visit the north wing of the palace where the Royal Opera of Versailles is located. Walk into the place that was inaugurated to host the wedding celebrations of the future Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette. Constructed mainly of wood, the design of this opera with its carved panels and stone-like painting had made it possible to generate excellent acoustics. The place can accommodate 1200 spectators and is the first ovular opera house in France.

Notre Dame Cathedral
Versailles Cathedral

Another one of the activities to do in Versailles during your visit is to take a look at the pre-eminent Roman Catholic church, Versailles Cathedral. Currently a French national monument, the construction of this place started in the mid-18th century and was considered a holy cathedral in 1843. Watch the beautiful paintings inside this Baroque-style cathedral which stands as the seat of the Bishop of Versailles.

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Hall of Mirrors Versailles
Admire the beauty of the Hall of Mirrors

One of the activities to do in Versailles which you must not miss during your visit is watching the spectacular Hall of Mirrors of Versailles Palace. This beautiful hall connects the Grand Apartment of the Queen to the Grand Apartment of the King and has been famous both for its beauty as well as the historical events the hall has seen. Walk across the 73 meters long hall with more than 350 mirrors decorating the hall. The hall also has 17 mirror-decorated arches, reflecting light to create an amazing spectacle of gold and crystal.

The Royal Chapel Versailles
Royal Chapel

The Royal Chapel, located in the Palace of Versailles, is currently used as a venue for private events and musical concerts. Walking into this beautiful place which has become the inspiration for other European churches is one of the must things to do in Versailles. Feel awe-struck as you enter the place where many historic events such as the wedding between the future Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette were held. Admire the beauty of the chapel with its illustrious paintings on the ceilings, colourful marble flooring, carvings in the spandrels between the arches, and large sculptures.

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Petit Trianon Palace
Petit Trianon

Housed within the secluded park of the Grand Trianon is another royal residence, the Petit Trianon is a manifesto for the neoclassical movement. The castle was initially built for the king to spend some private time with his mistress and was later on gifted to Marie Antoinette who used it as her shelter and as a refuge from her royal responsibilities.

Include a visit to this castle in your list of things to do in Versailles France and admire the beautiful building with its grand marble columns, wooden decor and rich embellishments. Take a stroll across the four diverse gardens surrounding the place once you have viewed the interiors.

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Why is Versailles famous?

    The Palace of Versailles has found its place in the UNESCO World Heritage site for its political history and architectural grandeur. Also designated as Monument Historique, the palace is famous for several of its attractions, starting with the glittering Hall of Mirrors to stunning portraits as well as more than 700 rooms with over 60,000 artwork collections. Visit the palace and feel like being transported to the bygone era as you get a sneak peak into the lives of the French monarchy and get an understanding of five centuries of their history.

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